Deepening the Journey Bali Retreat

Rejuvenate yourself and your passion.

Soul-nourishing days of transformation & embodied practical tools for midwives and birthworkers


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Midwives, birthworkers, doulas: this is your time ...

Reconnect with the deeply empowering practice your work can be


It's time to take the space and time you need to focus on yourself, without demands or expectations.
Reconnect with inspiration. 
Be nurtured.
Learn tools to benefit you and your clients.
Experience the transformation you need to keep going in this valuable work. 

Our work can be so challenging.

You give so deeply of yourself every day. 


When do you allow yourself to be nourished?  


If you work with pregnancy, birth or postpartum, you might be one of the almost 50% of midwives studied who feel burnt out, stressed or anxious.

Or, maybe you’ve found the best way to deal with the stresses of work is to disconnect a bit from your practice and your clients.

You came to birth work because you felt a calling from deep within you, but you might be starting to lose sight of the passion. You aren’t sure how to get it back – or if it’s even possible.

The world is at a tipping point, and your work might feel harder than ever. And yet, you know just how important each birth is in a woman’s life.

You may have tried to reach out and get support, turning to colleagues, only to find they are facing the same, if not harder struggles.

Maybe you’ve looked online for support, but you know you need time away from daily life in order to press the pause button and experience a full reset.

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Childbirth is meant to be a nourishing, soul-sustaining and transformative time


Midwifery and birthwork can also be transformative and soul sustaining ... when you have the tools you need

When you're a student, the focus is mostly on the training portion, not the continuing support, development and ongoing skills required through the different stages of this calling.

Give yourself the time to fill your own cup. Be guided and supported to rekindle your passion while you build a powerful community of like-minded midwives.

Being immersed in a nurturing and empowering space makes it possible for you to embody what you're learning

What you take home isn't just for you. You'll gain practical tools that can make a real difference in your own life, with your colleagues, and with the women and families you work with. 

3 ways Deepening the Journey will uplevel your midwifery practice




Transform with powerful tools and practices.


Connect with yourself and a supportive sisterhood.


Re-Inspire your practice, and your life’s calling. 

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An inside peek at the Deepening the Journey Program

 To work powerfully with women, people and families, your own integration and healing is vital. In the busy-ness of everyday life, it’s very hard to give yourself what you need for your own inner work.

You can be one of those midwives who is able to come back to center quickly, to feel clear-headed, to make decisions from a calm state of mind no matter what is happening on the outside.

This is not a program where you're one of hundreds. We accept a limited number of participants for this intimate in-person deep dive. This allows you to connect deeply and get the attention you need to make the difference in your practice. 

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1) Space for YOU 

We all know what it feels like when a container is held for us. Our bodies relax, our nervous systems settle, we exhale.

You need time and space just for you in order to create the conditions where learning, growth, and rejuvenation are possible. 

Support, connection, and the right environment allow you to come back to your own centre, to remember why you got into this work, and to give back to yourself so that your own cup is full. 

This is your time.   

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2)  Tapping for Birth Program

You learn how to use the original energy psychology modality to work powerfully with fears, anxieties and stresses within your own life, as well as being introduced to using these tools with clients during pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

This potent tool allows you to work with emotions and challenges in a simple yet effective way - both your own and, as you develop proficiency, with the women and families you work with.  

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3) Nervous System Regulation

Do you want to actually enjoy yourself and be able to appreciate the ups and downs of daily life? The key is a regulated nervous system. 

Learn simple yet potent practices that you can use in every day life, for yourself and your clients.

Not only is a regulated nervous system an essential part of being able to hold space (and make the right decisions and actions), but it's necessary for the women and people we work with as well.  

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4) Mindfulness

Cultivating presence keeps women safe, and it helps us as practitioners. But how do we do it? Mindfulness is developed by bringing awareness to what is happening right here and now with kindness and self-compassion.

You need guidance to be able to do that within your everyday life in a way that's accessible and fits into your lifestyle. 

In stressful situations, this is fundamental. It means you have the clarity to respond in a way that is aware, centered and responsive - not reactive. 

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5) Connect with your Inner Knowing

The head and the heart, the art and the science: all are important in this work. Learn how to discern your own intuition from fear or other voices from within. Your intuition is one of your most powerful allies, both in your personal life and in your practice.

Trust and intuitive knowing has been part of our personal practice as midwives and has made a profound difference in countless births we've attended. We're passionate and skilled in supporting midwives & birthworkers to attune to (and trust) their own inner knowing. 

You'll develop tools during this retreat so that you can guide those you work with to develop this same trust and capacity.  

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6) Time with Ibu Robin Lim and Bumi Sehat

Learn about the ecology of gentle birth, lotus birth, cord burning and placenta rituals.

Experience making (and imbibing!) Indonesian herbal jamu elixirs.

Soak up the wisdom from Ibu Robin, our midwifery treasure.

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Hi! I’m Lianne,

For the last ten years, I’ve been facilitating trauma-integration healing sessions for my clients as well as for midwives and doulas. In this work, it has become so clear to me that something needs to shift.

We can’t keep going the way we are. So many women are burnt out, stressed and anxious. And when this happens to a midwife, lives can be at stake. As a birthworker, you’re so good at helping women find their circle of support. But who do you turn to for guidance? How do you nurture yourself as a birthworker? 

I’ve been a midwife for more than 20 years, in clinical practice as well as teaching midwives in a postgraduate university program for more than 14 years. I also run retreats, programs and workshops for midwives and families, facilitating profound transformation and sharing practical skills and knowledge that make a difference.

I’m passionate about working with midwives and other birthworkers because we are the gatekeepers at the beginning of life. We know how transformational the moments around birth are, and how much it impacts the woman, her baby, her family, and our world. And, how we are, who we are, in those moments, makes a difference…

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