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Optimal birth is not about having a ‘perfect’ birth experience – it is about the woman, her baby and family emerging from the experience feeling empowered and whole. This community has been created to support you on your journey.

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We never know exactly what the optimal birth for you and your baby will be: every mother-baby pair has a different journey, different physiology and emotional makeup, and certainly different requirements for what will lead to the optimal experience for them both. 

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What happens at birth impacts you and your baby's life, forever.

Hi! I’m Lianne,

Hi! My name is Lianne Schwartz.

My love for birth began at just 8 years old when my youngest sister was born in our home. She was so alert - already so aware of the world around her. I decided right then and there I wanted to be a midwife.

On that pathway I became a doula, breastfeeding counselor, and herbalist. I also studied massage therapy and counseling before completing my midwifery degree, and later a masters degree in health research. I’ve been attending births for over 25 years, more than 20 of those as a registered midwife. I’ve also helped countless families through birth preparation classes and sessions.

Without preparation, it's all too easy for birth to be traumatic in modern society. Interventions have become the norm, and I have helped countless women heal from previous birth trauma. In truth, the sheer number of traumatic births happening in our world right now has called me to create this course - to prevent you from having to heal from a difficult birth. 

In addition, I write and teach University level midwifery courses and curriculum, focusing on enhanced skills and trauma informed care. 

I know what is needed to prepare for birth and how to teach it.

I'm passionate about families feeling confident and prepared for their birth journey - and that preparation starts with you. I hope you join me on this journey!

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Josephine Testimonial

Josephine Kostidis

"I believe that the knowledge and wisdom that Lianne shares is missing from the modern approach to childbirth. I feel that every woman can have a wonderful experience giving birth, with the right guidance. Lianne is a gifted, caring and experienced midwife who can guide you to have the best birth possible.

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