5 Tips to experience the birth you want

Oct 14, 2022

There are specific skills, tools and ways of being that make it much more likely that you will experience exactly the birth you want. That’s what I want to share with you. 


What makes this course so different is we don’t just focus on ‘what you know’. You do get all the information you need, but we go further than that. We get hands-on and practical, to prepare you in every way: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 


We focus on giving you the skills and tools that make a real difference in your labour and birth. 


Section 1: Knowledge and tools to get you started

This section introduces the fundamentals concepts that will guide you as you work through the rest of the course and prepare for your optimal birth experience. You will explore what makes birth ‘safe’, discover a new blueprint for birth, learn breath and mindfulness techniques, enjoy guided visualisations for a calm and peaceful birth, and find powerful tools for working through fears and anxieties for birth and beyond.

Section 2: The journey of labour and birth

In this section, we get right down to the nitty-gritty of labour and birth. We go over in depth what to expect, how to cope at different stages, and what your birth partner can do to help. You’ll learn how to plan your birth and birth team, and then on to everyone’s favourite topics: how to activate your body's innate pain-relieving mechanisms and avoid unnecessary interventions.

Section 3: Practical Preparation

Getting hands-on with your pregnant body means you enter your labour so much more prepared, empowered and ready for any situation . As in every section,you’re not just sitting and watching: you’ll be up and active with exercises, movements and practical hands-on learning. You’ll learn ways to prepare your body for birth, comfort measures for labour, and in the last section “Don’t Tear Down There”, how to protect your most precious parts during birth.

Section 4: Sacred time after birth

It’s time to learn all about those golden hours after birth. The moments after your baby’s birth are so precious - many have felt this is the most extraordinary, beautiful and bonding time of their entire life. This module gives you the skills and tools to help you navigate this time in a way that best supports you, your baby and your family, including getting breastfeeding off to a great start.


“I had a very gentle birth with no complications and I don’t think this was being lucky, I believe this is because of the Conscious Birthing preparation that I did with Lianne during my pregnancy. 

I believe that the knowledge and wisdom that Lianne shares is missing from the modern approach to childbirth. I feel that every woman can have a wonderful experience giving birth, with the right guidance. Lianne is a gifted, caring and experienced midwife who can guide you to have the best birth possible.” - Josephine Kostidis