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 Birth can be amazing ...

when you get in touch with your inner birth knowing

Anything can be scary when you're unprepared.

Birth is the most natural process on earth, but it's normal to feel nervous or scared of this life-changing transition. 

You might have heard stories about interventions and pain.

And be afraid that you don't have what it takes.

That you'll make the wrong choices.

That you don't know how to best prepare for the challenges of birth and parenthood.

There's so much advice out there, but who can you trust? 

Where do you find real-world knowledge, information and skills that make a difference? 

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What happens at birth impacts you and your baby's life, forever.


You, your baby and your family deserve a birth that leaves you feeling empowered, excited, prepared, connected and ready for motherhood.

Birth is precious. Unique. Natural.

And life-changing.

In such a transformative event, being prepared is essential. Guidance and support makes it much more likely you'll have the birth you really want.

Many women rely on their midwife, doctor or doula for birth preparation, but the truth is that you won't get everything you need from your care provider. 

 This course empowers you with the knowledge and awareness to shape your own birth experience.

What you learn integrates seamlessly with the care you’ve chosen, 

Guiding you to the beautiful birth that you deserve.

Hi! I’m Lianne,

Hi! My name is Lianne Schwartz.

My love for birth began at just 8 years old when my youngest sister was born in our home. She was so alert - already so aware of the world around her. I decided right then and there I wanted to be a midwife.

On that pathway I became a doula, breastfeeding counselor, and herbalist. I also studied massage therapy and counseling before completing my midwifery degree, and later a masters degree in health research. I’ve been attending births for over 25 years, more than 20 of those as a registered midwife. I’ve also helped countless families through birth preparation classes and sessions.

Without preparation, it's all too easy for birth to be traumatic in modern society. Interventions have become the norm, and I have helped countless women heal from previous birth trauma. In truth, the sheer number of traumatic births happening in our world right now has called me to create this course - to prevent you from having to heal from a difficult birth. 

In addition, I write and teach University level midwifery courses and curriculum, focusing on enhanced skills and trauma informed care. 

I know what is needed to prepare for birth and how to teach it.

I'm passionate about families feeling confident and prepared for their birth journey - and that preparation starts with you. I hope you join me on this journey!

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Rick Testimonial

Rick Cowley

"What Lianne knows is mind-boggling - and desperately needed by parents-to-be around the world. I am so grateful that she has put her wealth of birth experience and knowledge into this online course. If you want to have a natural and empowering birth, do not miss the opportunity to learn from her. This program will change your world, your baby’s world, and I believe the path of humanity.”"

Shani Testimonial

Shani McIvor

"Lianne's knowledge, wisdom and guidance was integral in laying the foundations of our family and the way we move through the world together: connected and with confidence. The information and nurturing support we received from Lianne was invaluable. Lianne shared endless knowledge on pregnancy, birthing, motherhood, fatherhood, parenting, breastfeeding, health and wellbeing. My husband and I felt prepared, informed and empowered moving through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood. I don't have enough words to express how truly grateful we are for Lianne and for her loving guidance and unending expertise. With happy tears in my eyes, she changed our life in the most beautiful way. Thank you, Lianne.”

Inside every woman is a birthing goddess: in touch with her body, connected to her emotions, and trusting her intuition.

I can help you find her. 

This course guides you to access your own birth knowing, helping you clear any blocks to the free, instinctual self that is your true nature.

In this course you will learn the specific skills, tools and ways of being that make it much more likely that you'll experience the birth you want.

What makes this course so different is we don’t just focus on knowledge. You will get all the information you need, but we will go further than that with hands-on and practical tools that prepare you in every way: body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

An added bonus of learning these skills is that they are also invaluable for parenting, and for life. 

This goes far beyond the usual birth classes. Even if you have an amazing midwife, there's never enough time in your visits to go through everything you need. What you learn here can transform the way you birth, and the way you parent. 



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1) Section 1: Knowledge and tools to get you started

This section introduces the fundamental concepts that will guide you as you work through the rest of the course and prepare for your optimal birth experience. You will explore what makes birth ‘safe’, discover a new blueprint for birth, learn breath and mindfulness techniques, enjoy guided visualisations for a calm and peaceful birth, and find powerful tools for working through fears and anxieties for birth and beyond.


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2) Section 2: The journey of labour and birth

In this module, we get right down to the nitty-gritty of labour and birth. We cover what to expect, how to cope at different stages, and what your birth partner can do to help. You’ll learn how to plan your birth, before moving on to everyone’s favourite topics: how to activate your body's innate pain-relieving mechanisms and avoid unnecessary intervention.


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3) Section 3: Practical Preparation

Getting hands-on with your pregnant body gives you a head start so you enter labour prepared, empowered and ready for any situation. As in every section, you will not be just sitting and watching: you’ll be up and active with exercises, movements and practical hands-on learning. You’ll learn ways to prepare your body for birth, comfort measures for labour, and in the last section “Don’t Tear Down There”, how to protect your most precious parts during birth.  


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4) Section 4: Sacred time after birth

The moments after your baby’s birth are so precious - many have felt that these golden hours are the most extraordinary and beautiful time of their entire life. In this section, we cover skin-to-skin care, delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding basics, the transition to parenthood, and rest and nourishment in the first forty days. This will help you navigate the early days in a way that gets you, your baby, and family off to a bonded, connected, and emotionally healthy start. 


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Josephine  Testimonial

Josephine Kostidis 

"I had a very gentle birth with no complications and I don’t think this was being lucky, I believe this is because of the Conscious Birthing preparation that I did with Lianne during my pregnancy. 

I believe that the knowledge and wisdom that Lianne shares is missing from the modern approach to childbirth. I feel that every woman can have a wonderful experience giving birth, with the right guidance. Lianne is a gifted, caring and experienced midwife who can guide you to have the best birth possible."


This course is for YOU if

  • You're yearning for a beautiful, natural birth where you feel loved, connected and empowered
  • You want to avoid unnecessary intervention that will adversely impact your baby
  • You understand that there is more to birth than just a physical process, and you're ready to get in touch with the deeper process
  • You want to know how to trust your own intuition in birth
  • You know birth is supposed to be a sacred experience - something really beautiful and magical - and you want to access that. 
  • You want to be a conscious, calm, and connected parent
  • You understand just how important this rite of passage of birth is for you, your baby and your whole family
  • You’re oh so ready to start your Conscious Birthing journey!

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What you will get in this course


28 video, audio and written sessions that are concise, engaging and practical, organised into four easy to navigate sections.

Valued at $1200


Course workbook with writing invitations and practical exercises that guide you through each step of the course.

Valued at $150


Downloadable printable handouts with everything you need: A step by step guide on what to expect in labour & birth (and how to cope), Tapping for Birth and more...

Valued at $150


Guided audio meditations & visualisations for use during pregnancy as well as in labour: these are key to getting and staying relaxed and ready.  

Value = $200


Bonus module with birth stories, a section just for partners and fathers, plus an entire bonus session devoted to Lotus Birth.

Valued at $300


An additional bonus session on optimising your baby's position for birth, including a guided visualisation to use during your pregnancy.

Valued at $100


Proven tools, exercises, skills and knowledge gained through working with thousands of beautiful pregnancy and birth experiences.

Value = Priceless

Your baby is
worth it. 

Not $2100
Only 333 USD

* I'm committed to making this course affordable and available to as many families as possible, so I've intentionally kept the price low. If you're in a place where your economy doesn't support this price point, please reach out. And equally, if you're in a financial position to pay it forward, you can gift the course to someone in need. Either way, reach out. 

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Megan and James Mattingley 

"We loved this course! It really helped me  get my mind around how beautiful birth can be when I’m not afraid of it: when I trust my body, know how to relax, and really trust the process. There were so many reassurances, and things we didn’t know what we didn’t know! And it helped us birth our beautiful girl gently at home."


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Pay in Full

333 USD


  • Save by paying in full today! BEST VALUE
  • 12 months access

Payment Plan

75 USD

x5 Payments

  • Pay only $75 each month for 5 months

  • 12 months access

In Australia? Click here for AUD payments

* I'm committed to making this course affordable and available to as many families as possible, so I've intentionally kept the price low. If you're in a place where your economy doesn't support this price point, please reach out. And equally, if you're in a financial position to pay it forward, you can gift the course to someone in need. Either way, reach out

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